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Welcome to Green Driving School.

We teach people to drive in fully electric Nissan Leafs. So if you have ever thought driving was not for you then its time to think  again.

From 2040 the British Government  will ban all the sale of all diesel  and petrol vehicles  (this is just over 20 years) many experts believe  this will be much quicker as the cost of fuel increases and the cost of electric vehicles decrease.

So the question you need to ask yourself do you really need to learn in a manual.

We are the largest EV driving school and cover the whole of Stoke on Trent but if you are looking for other areas around the UK please click here.


Zero Emission Test Passes

Well done Kondwa who passed her test in our zero emmission leaf
Well done to Skye who passed with only 1 minor fault.
Well done to Lucas who passed first time with a 30 hour intensive driving course
Well done Holly passed her driving test only 3 minor faults


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To find out more details about zero emissions  driving lessons please feel out our short contact form.

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